Why Dentists Refer To Us



Specialty training
Exceptional patient care
Advanced technology

Our practice has a 30-years history of excellence. We are proud of our clinical skill and the warm friendly environment we provide. Here is why your dentist has referred you:

Specialty training
We have advanced specialty degrees in endodontics (root canal therapy). We will work diligently with your dentist to provide care that will allow you to keep your natural teeth. While many cases are routine, we are also trained to do difficult procedures including surgery.

We also have advanced training in implantology to help treat and guide you through the process of tooth loss and replacement if necessary. Our ability to diagnose a problem tooth and plan an individual solution for you, is meticulous.

Our Doctors have treated many patients over the years. While each has a different background, they share information readily and discuss cases giving you the benefit of their combined clinical experience. They are both respected in their field and are asked to join committees, lecture at universities, and give courses at national and international meetings.

Exceptional Patient Care
Our patients are treated the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We understand your fear and hesitation. We will customize your environment to make you comfortable by providing pillows, blankets and music. We place safety goggles over your eyes during the procedure to protect them from debris and harsh light.
We listen to your concerns and strive to surpass your expectations.

Advanced Technology
All procedures are performed using state of the art technology. Our digital radiography allows us to decrease your exposure to radiation by 85% compared to the old kind of x-rays. Our operatories are equipped with a surgical operating microscope that allows us to magnify and provide light during delicate procedures.
We use the latest rotary instrument systems, hand pieces, and materials.

We offer flexible and convenient appointments. We leave time every day to provide emergency care for patients that are in pain and need to be treated right away. We do our best to be available when you need us.